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Tide Technocrats provides a wide range of environmental service. A brief outline of our work is:

Solid Waste Management


Some of the services that we offer include:


  • Design, Collection and Transport Infrastructure for SWM

  • City Level projects SWM plan

  • Design of composting, biogas, recycling systems and landfill facilities

  • End to end consulting for setting up & operating resource recovery plants upto 1000 TPD

  • Integrated Waste management facilities

  • Handholding for project implementation

  • Training for Operation & Maintenance

  • CDM for waste management projects

  • Design of package and unique water treatment plants

  • Troubleshooting and efficiency improvement of existing facilities


We have executed over 40 projects in solid waste management

Renewable Energy


We work in two sub-areas of renewable energy:


  • Hydro-power - Planning and Execution of projects is done at Tide Technocrats. Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of micro, mini and pico hydro power units are done through our sister concerns - Prakruti Renewable Power and Prakruti Hydro Labs who together have over 900 installations

  • Biomass - Assessments, Pre-feasibility studies, DPRs, Installations, Energy and site studies. We have executed over 10 projects in the Biomass space






In India, sanitation services have largely been ignored in the past. One third of the country did not have access to toilets. The present  government has been pushing sanitation as a national agenda with focus on toilet construction to achieve 100 % open defecation free status and a clean country by 2019. Recently treatment of fecal sludge is also gaining importance.  As of 2011, less than 30 % of people are connected to sewers of which about 26 % of wastewater get some form of treatment. About 40 % people using non sewered systems do not have access to any treatment of fecal sludge.


Our solutions include:


  • Planning

  • Techno commercial studies

  • Design, Manufacturing and Installation

  • Operations and Maintenance





A constantly learning organization, TTPL understands that not every project is the same. We leverage on our past experiences, both success stories and challenges, to bring to you the best work possible.

Tide Technocrats focuses on teamwork and innovation to ensure that the work done is complete in all aspects required.

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