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Award Winners: Urban Labs Innovation Challenge: Delhi

Climate Foundation and Tide Technocrats were one of the three winners of the Urban Labs Innovation Challenge: Delhi, a project of the University of Chicago Tata Centre for Development that is supported by Tata Trusts. The team will prevent pollution from rice straw burning by turning it into biochar.

The other two winners were:

Chakr Innovation Pvt. Ltd, which will pilot their device that captures pollution from diesel engines and converts it to black ink and paints and

Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, which will deploy cool roofing solutions in Delhi slums to conserve energy and improve quality of life.

These three teams will work with the Urban Labs’ Energy & Environment Lab, the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago’s India team, and the Delhi government to pilot and test their ideas. If the results are promising, the projects could be scaled up in Delhi and become models for other cities in India and beyond.

More on this can also be found at:

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