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Keynote address - All India Seminar on Clean Technology: Smart Microgrid to Smart City

Pavithra delivered the Keynote address at the All India Seminar on Clean Technology: Smart Microgrid to Smart City on 30/11/2016. The two day seminar was organized by National Design and Research Forum, The Institution of Engineers (India), in Association with COE in Advanced Materials Research (TEQIP – II) at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Excerpts from the address:

The SWM Rules 2016 and Swachch Baharat Mission by Govt. of India has drawn much focussed attention on the Solid Waste Management in India. The earlier rules read as Municipal Solid Waste rules and new rules is read as Solid Waste Management rules shifting the responsibility to each one of us and it is no more the sole responsibility of Municipality.

The existing SWM status in cities/ towns requires higher improvement from the existing low levels of 25% collection and almost 0% processing against benchmark levels of 90 -100%. The status is weak in terms of segregation at source, scientific disposal and cost recovery. The trends in characterization of the waste from the past two decades has shown increase in the RDF material and reduction in the inert materials. This change is due to change in the lifestyle by increased used of packaging materials and segregation of the sweeping waste.

The present approach indicate emphasis on the composting and waste to energy. The state of the art mechanized systems is the preferred option by bulk generators and Coprocessing in cement kilns is trending up. The segregation at source can be a gamechanger in the solid waste management chain. Community participation is the fundamental requirement for ensuring the waste management and hygiene management.

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