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The company is focussed on sustainability and environmental health. Tide Technocrats works in the areas of Municipal Solid Waste management , Sanitation and Renewable Energy.

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The company provides consultancy for the different stages of project development and management.

  • Design and implementation support for Municipal solid waste handling, collection, transportation, processing and disposal.

  • Preparing city level SWM plan.

  • Project Management consultancy for SWM and Sanitation Projects.

  • Independent Advisory.

  • Design and Implementation support for Composting, Biogas Recycling systems, Bioremediation, Waste to Energy, Sanitary landfill, Faecal sludge treatment and other waste management.

  • Training for operation and maintenance in efficiency improvement, hand holding support and troubleshooting of existing facilities.

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  • Setting up of Municipal solid waste management plants including composting, material recycling facility, use of Inert and RDF on EPC / PPP model.

  • Setting up of Faecal sludge treatment plants on EPC/PPP model.

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  • Provide operation and maintenance services for Solid waste management and Faecal sludge treatment plants.

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  • Low temperature dryer for sludge treatment including municipal wastewater sludge and industrial sludge.

  • Packaged wastewater treatment plant from 10 KLD to 100 KLD capacity for use with community toilet, public toilet, residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.

  • Bio-charring unit for crop residue, sludge, and other organic material.

  • FSTP plant equipment.

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